Four Villages 1/2 Marathon

The Four Villages Half has been a regular event on the running calendar for 33 years and in that time has only been cancelled a few times, which ain't bad for a Mid-January Event.  Organised by the Helsby Running Club it still feels like an event run for by local club for the runner, quite an event which now attracts well over 1000 runners.

Why Four villages - simple, I used to go to the school based in the village: Helsby Grammar School for Boys (or Helsby High as it is now known!), so it is one that has a personal interest for myself.

As for the route, it passes through 4 villages in Cheshire (hence the name, lol).  It starts in Helsby (famed for its hill - which its profile looks like a face from certain angles, and 'the' school) near the site of the old BICC works.  It then travels along the A56 towards Dunham on the Hill (village no2).  Here the rote goes off the main road and onto the back lanes and the open spaces.  Village No3 is Mouldsworth is about 9miles on route, and at the top of a small incline/hill.  Mouldsworth is 'famed' for its Motor Museum  and the Goshawk Pub (been a few times :D), the route is slightly underlating as passes through the village before heading onto Manley - yes village No4. (Not a lot to say about Manley :S sorry).  The route then follows Simmond's Hill and then Towers Lane and straight downhill as it heads back into Helsby and to the finish.

The race HQ area has a few stalls, but I seem to remember the smell of bacon frying on the cookers, something about bacon cooking - especially on a chilled winters morning makes it well worth while running the 13.1 miles,

Last time I completed the event was 2011, but was i entered in 2013 & 2015 when the event was cancelled due to bad weather.  Fingers crossed for this year.

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